15 years experience
living on the land

Learn skills for
a good life in nature
Almost 300 people
in our programs

The academy for a good life in the countryside

What we keep hearing: "I wish I had a life like you!"

Guests, friends and relatives that visited us on our terrain "Bogata Suma" (Rich Forest), or even people on social media, started dreaming about their own peaceful life in nature. A life in freedom, self sufficient, in harmony with nature.

For all those people who want to make steps towards a more natural life, we have setup the Country Life Academy. A school-of-life for people that are looking for new ways, new skills, new ideas.

Permaculture courses, country life courses and personal development

We organise practical permaculture courses, personal development trainings and 10-day intensive courses where you can meet like-minded people that are on the same track as you.
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We will also organise short online courses, for when travelling is difficult or the weather is unpleasant at our farm. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications and updates.

For people who are already on their track and need more personal or specific help, we have developed a personal coaching program.
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Call Peter on +385955088572 or mail info@countrylifeacademy.com



Would you like to live a free, healthy & happy live in harmony with nature?
Would you like help on your path to get there?