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Country life; how do you create a life that is true to you?

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Dreams send messages about life beyond your present day horizon
Any big or incrementally small move or important change in life has many consequences. Those can sometimes only be seen over a longer time period. Getting the image right of what should be over the longer period as a process is most of the time overlooked. It is the realm of what you dream. Of what you allow yourself to dream.
It is an answer to the question 'how do I create a life that is true to me? Those elements that are the subject of dreams that vanish when daily life takes over. How many times did you hear people say: 'If I won the lottery I would start a restaurant or start travelling the world' or any other things that are not happening. Those are the materials of regret of the dying. The things dreamt but not done.

Enhancing dreams

What would it mean to you if you overcame these daily limitations and started homing in on a dream-life? On what would you spend time? What is your dream job? Do you want to become independent? What if you wish you could live off your own land? You should alot time to study what size of land you would want to start with. Where would that land be? Who else is doing that? If all your friends hang around in bars all the time, here is not going to be much living off the land is there?

All you do is going to be centralized around this most important thing in your life. That means also that you are going to exclude other things. Especially a decision should be taken in the form of an idea formed and an action taken based on that decision. The connection between the decision and the action should be direct. The action planned should be so small that it can be taken instantly.

So you write about what you do during the day. Thoughts coming by. Sometimes there are challenges coming out of who you have become over time. That person that forgot about dreaming, or dreams a lt but takes no action. The thing is if you are going to do things like you always did, you are going to get the results you always did. You have to just change the content of your agenda on various subjects. What you concentrate on is going to grow. Having an idea in your head grows in your head. But if it is not followed up by taking action and putting it out there, it will die. And with it an important part of you will vanish. Become a regret.

Imagine you are planning a vacation. You are looking forward to having a day off. The family enjoys these trips. What if you plan a vacation at a place where you can learn the basics of something you really are passionate about? Many things lend themselves to filling in parts of the vacation with directly learning about things that you dream about.
What if you can find a place at a great destination where you spend part of your day directly on what you wish to learn? You want to have your own restaurant. And cooking is a hobby. Why not go to a place where you can learn restaurant cooking part of the day and the rest you spend with your family?

Postponing a big change for ever

What if you are ready for y complete change of life but you don't know where to begin? It could be living in nature as a family. Or starting a new career involving something you are passionate about? Looking back can be part of the process. Digging for nuggets that can be found in your past. Successes you had forgotten about or didn't realize the significance for something that can be offered in a market you hadn't thought about?

Every creation has its phases

It is like Vincent van Gogh. He one day said that he dreamed a painting and the next day he would paint his dream. Stretching your imagination is part of my work. Laying the finger on perceived limits that are holding you in place. But most definitely also laying the network for you to recognize your qualities and how to create the bigger picture.

Every new step takes a design

Where you know where you start with connecting to the dream and making clear images of that dream-life. Digging for the nuggets can create the starting steps.

In other words: There is present day reality that you wish to leave behind. Behind everything there is the dream. Or a story of youth that vanished while daily life took place. We are going to find that.
Then the decision on going on the journey of discovery to find the direction and come to an ideal picture of where to go with career, life a job or a autonomous business. There is the preparation. And based on that the move.

The dream should shape your whole life. Your inner theatre movies, the doodling as a prepartion for your design, what aspects of life you focus on first.
What you take home and do there immediately. Your social life, your social media communication, Everything should be standing in the light of your journey. Everything should be the object of scrutiny.

If you are going to make a change, create a total make over.
I once dreamed that we would move from the Netherlands to some Mediterranean country. At the time I had a blacksmiths workshop working for high end customers. We would make interior decorative table-frames, chair-frames candleholders and various designs. My wife at the time was a webdesigner. I had this recurring dream about a son with which I drove to a green area with a long table. Many merry people lined the table. And abundant food from the land was spread on the table. The son came. We live on the land now. In the meantime a sweet daughter came.

Dream - design - decide - prepare - move

My strongest point is in enhancing someone's dream.
Finding what makes it possible for you to make your dream come true is the second strong point.
Setting out the first step and continuing that, also through challenging times. That's what you can expect from me.

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