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"You started with thinking about what quality you leave with people, a sort of retention. For me it was pure empowerment and trusting my own skills and potential. I felt so limitless leaving your place, for me everything became possible, just because you believed in me. It made me believe in myself even more. And this is one of the most valuable gifts I have ever received."

"Thanks, Peter, for the conversations and motivations to keep my dreams and continuous walking in this path."

"Barbara you're such a strong and inspiring woman and what a great teacher you are! I love the fact that you still can be amazed by nature. Passion is shining all over and that gave me great energy."

"I feel so blessed to have spent this month here, and know now that I will continue this path and some day create a permaculture community for myself. I feel more alive and happy, and at the same time more peaceful than ever, and ready for my next adventure."


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