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Academy for a good life in nature

> Do you want to change your lifestyle?
> Make a step towards a healthier, more sustainable life in nature?

We have started the Country Life Academy for people like you! To help you find your freedom and a more natural lifestyle, to work on a positive future for us all.

More and more people feel trapped in a rat race in the city, locked up in their apartment. Their office job is not fulfilling and we hear people asking themselves: "Is this it?"
It doesn't have to be. You too can live a joyful, fulfilling life that contributes to a better world.

Would you like help to setup a natural life for yourself?


In the meantime We are growing a village. A community with people who care about the earth, about people and about the future.
A village in the heart of Croatia, living sustainably in harmony with nature. A self sufficient community that includes and embraces, and where people ask themselves how they can contribute the best.

"What an experience! We had no idea of what to expect when arriving, but very quickly we knew we had made a life changing choice. We have learnt so many wonderful + useful things here and great lessons for life in general.
Thank you so much for being wonderful role models for all to see that this life in the countryside is possible and enriching."
 - Stuart & Miriam


About us

Peter & Barbara ScheltusPeter Scheltus is a visionairy life designer, a personal coach and trainer. He was a blacksmith and therefore working with wood is a piece of cake for him. He creates beauty.

Barbara Scheltus - van den Berg is a life designer, permaculture facilitator and gardener. Mother Nature is her guide in life.

Together (with our kids) we moved from the city center of Leiden in The Netherlands, to the beautiful countryside of Croatia in 2009. We have lived off the grid for 2 years and now we have built up a rich life in beautiful nature, where we welcome guests and volunteers on our 12 hectares of edible landscape. Bogata Šuma, "Rich Forest".
The time is ripe to take the next step for us: we're growing a village!

More about Peter and Barbara >

"Peter, your vision and ideas are contagious - forever keeping us on our toes. Barbara, you are totally the perfect person to run courses here at Bogata Šuma. Your knowledge is far reaching. We love what you are creating here and the two of you make a formidable team!"
 Brooke & David


Country Life Academy program

We developed a program to help people realize their dreams of living a good rural life. A program that helps you design your first and later steps to a peaceful and fulfiling life in the countryside.

Live your dreams!

We invite people to come to Bogata Suma and live their dream in our try out-program, or in the 10-day intensive. In both programs you will gain various skills and you will grow towards your own dream life.
You will be here with other people that have a similar dream.

The purpose of our programs is to give you a headstart and a good basic knowledge that will save you time and money in your near future.

Subjcts that we will cover are:

- Designing your project and your life
- The people part: communities, teambuilding, communication, problem management
- Land: finding your piece, reading the landscape, maintenance
- Permaculture design & thinking
- Food self sufficiency & gardening

During the 10 day intensive or the month's try out program you will have our permaculture paradise "Bogata Suma" ("Rich Forest") as your base. We are situated in the heart of Croatia, surrounded by hills and forests. Bogata Suma is an example of how you can turn wilderness into a beautiful edible landscape.
There will be inspiring people and lovely animals, colourful and healthy organic food from the terrain, evening campfires and a million stars in the night.

If you are interested in a personal coachings program: Peter coached already many people on their pathway to living a fulfilling live in nature.

>> Read more about our programs

You can also immediately contact Peter by phone (+385 95 5088 572) or by e-mail info@countrylifeacademy.com

"I got to feel out the beautiful vibe you have going here, it's really special! Bogata Suma is an inspiration and hopefully I'll get to build something as beautiful as this."



Practical permaculture (full course) >>
  Saturday 16 - Friday 22 April 2022
10 day Country Life Intensive >>
  Friday 20 - Sunday 29 May 2022
Building a reciprocal roof
  June 2022

>> Our program

"Thank you Bogata Suma for being a cell of goodness, to be spread all around to create a better world, step by step, tree by tree, forest by forest. I will be back"


Contact us


Calll +385 95 5088 572 (Peter)
or +385 95 5555 677 (Barbara)


Would you like to live a free, healthy & happy live in harmony with nature?
Would you like help on your path to get there?